Wendy Lau - A patient leader with a story of hope and realising a dream

Patient Leader

With Addison's Disease, survival depends upon awareness. I am alive by God's grace, having faced death many times, but unrelenting in educating in Asia, creating the first bilingual English/Chinese video. I featured on TV in 2017. I made "The Voices of Addison's Disease" for our awareness month.. I designed a tool to make doctor visits more productive. Most importantly, I realised a long-held dream: writing kids storybooks to demystify medical circumstances, with plans for over 70 and 7 published in print and e-form. I am grateful. Being largely bedridden allowed my dream to come true and turn my illness into a gift. YouTube allows me to bring this to the world.


Tsing Yi, NKT


Lifetime Achievement


Best in Show: Youtube

Wendy not only created the first you tube video regarding Addison's Disease but had also appeared in primetime television to raised awareness and to prevent needless deaths from Addison's Disease which is very important in educating billions of people. Because of her, I had became aware of this disease. Awareness is one step towards education.  — Len

Wendy Lau - A patient leader with a story of hope and realising a dream

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