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Hi I'm Shell aka Stoma in a teacup. I'm 33 & suffered active UC for 10 years. I had my colon & rectum removed in Jul 15 & decided to turn my negative into a positive, by helping others. I began a local UK IBD and Ostomy support group, in Feb 2015 & am the founder of Facebook support groups Making Ostomies Cool & PositiviTea & IBD. My blog is where I offer my own experiences and share reputable info, guidance & raise vital awareness. I also support many one-to-one. I'm an active advocate & wish to help improve pt care via public speaking & advising on pt requirements through research progs. I model ostomy underwear for Vanilla Blush & have written for a variety of ostomy orgs.


Advocating For Another Best in Show: Facebook Patient Leader Hero

Shell is a fabulous role model and advocate for all who not only have bowel disease, but all require a stoma for whatever reason. Truly amazing woman with a heart of gold and loves being an advocate.  — Claire

Shell is amazing she's supported me and so many ostomates to be proud of who we are an advocate for many of us to fight for treatment etc  — Vikki

Shell is very active both as a blogger and Facebook Group admin. She seeks to challenge bad information and support those with IBD and or ostomies. Despite her own health issues, she is able to do this very effectively not just herself but by building partnerships with others. Shell also runs an ostomy support group in real life.  — Richard

Shell is really supportive of everyone and deserves this award for advocating for patients with a stoma.  — Amanda

Shell blogs, advocates, admins a Facebook group and a real life Ostomy support group. She is also active on Twitter and Facebook. As well as sharing her own story and journey, she is passionate about challenging poor or mis-information.  — Richard

Past Awards Participation

Fifth Annual Health Activist Awards


Best in Show: Facebook Health Activist Hero Rookie of the Year
Stoma in a teacup

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