Patient Leader

Following a spinal injury 6 years ago, I, a professional speaker, slowly lost the ability to speak & even breathe at times. Became housebound 3 years in, adopting a strict protocol incl. daily home doctor visits. Somewhere along, I fell into a very deep depression. Thankfully, I found livestreaming. I started sharing & created a safe environment for others to do so also. This past year I've taken it to the next level by incorporating my entertainment background to help others laugh. Each week my show at www.Brooke.Live does exactly that & it is incredibly rewarding. Laughter heals. I know the reason I'm still here is to help save lives through sharing, learning and laughing!


Sherman Oaks, CA


Best in Show: Community or Forum

Brooke= spinal injury warrior, homebound & disabled livestreamer. Chronicles daily life & unique recovery path, incl. “spinal pulling”, a rare treatment shown during home Dr. visits. Vulnerable, authentic, inspiring, grateful- gives space for others to learn & share, ending each stream w/ “When you wake up and you’re breathing, it’s a good day!”  — David

For her contagious joy as well as her amazing vocal talents of A Capella. She is an example of the strength and will to live.  — Paulo

BabbleOnBrooke is amazing - she has an inspiring health story, a BIG infectious personality, a beautiful heart, and loads of talent! This is demonstrated clearly by her presence on Twitter - she uses this platform in very impressive and creative ways to spread positivity, and the high level of engagement from her audience is obvious and powerful.  — David


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