Patient Leader


Los Angeles, CA


Best in Show: Community or Forum

Brooke= spinal injury warrior, homebound & disabled livestreamer. Chronicles daily life & unique recovery path, incl. “spinal pulling”, a rare treatment shown during home Dr. visits. Vulnerable, authentic, inspiring, grateful- gives space for others to learn & share, ending each stream w/ “When you wake up and you’re breathing, it’s a good day!”  — David

If anyone embodies this award, it's BabbleOnBrooke! She has an infectious smile, tons of personality and a quick wit to boot! She brings a lightness to the community, and people tune in to be entertained, or to have a good laugh on a tough day. She adeptly & effortlessly weaves in her sense of humor to serious subjects, not afraid to confront them.  — David

Her content is inspiring and motivating.  — Vida

For her contagious joy as well as her amazing vocal talents of A Capella. She is an example of the strength and will to live.  — Paulo

BabbleOnBrooke is amazing - she has an inspiring health story, a BIG infectious personality, a beautiful heart, and loads of talent! This is demonstrated clearly by her presence on Twitter - she uses this platform in very impressive and creative ways to spread positivity, and the high level of engagement from her audience is obvious and powerful.  — David


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