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Hi my name is Tracy but most know me as" RA Tray". I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 23 years and counting. I know first hand just how lonely this disease can be and so I created "RA Tray". A loving online support group where you can safely vent your frustrations and connect with fellow RA warriors. I also advocate for awareness by making awareness videos on you tube for others to share with friends and loved ones to help them better understand what daily battles they go through. Along with my awareness videos I have an online awareness page I update daily with funny memes to cheer up fellow warriors. Post relatable stories about RA all while trying to raise awareness in the process.


Advocating For Another


Advocating for Another

Tracy or better known as RA Tray is an Amazing woman. She is an RA Warrior having this disease since she was 15. She has accomplished many things. Amazing wife, mother, college graduate and friend. She has an awesome support group page. RA Tray, were members feel safe an welcome. She is a great advocator for many battling her same disease.Thank you.  — Richard

RA Tray

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