Tsara Shelton

Patient Leader

A girl: I imagined being a writer and a mom. A writer of stories that explored our reasons and a mom of dirty, happy, barefoot kids who played outside and made up songs. A sister: I am the oldest of eight. My mom adopted six of my siblings, sharing the intense love she has for children; especially abused and challenged children. I have not always been proud of the sister I was, but I have always been actively learning to love with a different yet equally powerful intensity as my mom. A writer & mom: I am now that writer I imaged. Also, I'm the delighted mom of four happily singing grown sons. An Advocate: My sons and siblings have given my love and my writing more meaning.


Teague, TX

Past Awards Participation

Fifth Annual Health Activist Awards


Best Kept Secret Best in Show: Blog
Tsara Shelton

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