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She continually speaks out about her mishaps, and all round embarrassing problems that having an ostomy can involve! She teaches us to be proud!  — Charlotte

She always looks for the bright side and shred the real gritty stuff but still cracks a joke and a beer!

An inspiring women and mother.  — Adina

She openly shares her life, experience, highs and lows of her disease and how it impacts her family, she is an inspiration to all not only those who have been effected by the same

Without a doubt BLM is an incredible advocate within the community. Her matter of fact attitude & humour, help many to face their ostomies with a positive attitude and the guts to be who they truly are. She has been a great friend and support as a fellow advocate too. People like Krystal come once in a lifetime.  — Shelley

Bag Lady Mama

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