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Diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer at 43 in 2013, I quickly realized there was little funding going to the breast cancer that kills. Over time I grew my Twitter network & began working with others to bring awareness to MBC. I took my Twitter account to Facebook and also started a blog which was chosen by one of The Best Metastatic Breast Cancer Blogs in 2015. I'm also a fierce advocate for Medical Aid In Dying in New York State where I reside.. In addition to my personal advocacy, I'm also C0-Founder, Editor & Publisher of The Underbelly, a Breast Cancer Magazine, along with 2 of my closest friends.


Rochester, NY


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Susan has been advocating since her diagnosis in 2013. She has dedicated her free time to changing the landscape of the pinkification of breast cancer and raising awareness of how Metastatic disease is woefully underfunded. She also advocates with Compassion and Choices to get Aid In Dying legal in her home state of NY  — Jeff

stickit2stage4 is informative and inspiring. It takes a look at the reality of living with breast cancer and contemplating death in a relatable but definitely spirited way. Through quotes and nuggets of info I get not only Susan's personal story but a look at what is new/interesting/aggravating in terms of treatment options.  — christal


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