Patient Leader

Hello Everyone! My name is Emily and I am a 17 year old battling multiple chronic illnesses. To help spread awareness I have an Instagram page chronically_emily where I share my daily battles with other people. I also have a Youtube channel where I educate and show my daily life with multiple chronic illnesses. I am very passionate about spreading awareness for chronic illnesses as well as helping others going through chronic illnesses.


Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Youtube Patient Leader Hero Best In Show: Instagram


Best in Show: Instagram

Emily is the definition of sunshine in a rain storm. With everything life throws her way, (endometriosis, POTS, MCAS, Diabetes, Gastropareis, etc) she CONTINUES to stay positive. Not only does she advocate for herself, but she advocates for others. She sends care packages out to other chronically ill teens, and inspires so many with her posts.  — Lauren

Emily stays so positive throughout her illnesses and does not let her pain get the better of her. I love her enthusiasm for life.  — Eve


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