Amy Lee Fisher | @chronically.ams

Patient Leader

Hey! I'm Amy and I suffer from some very serious illnesses including HKPP, Gastroparesis and POTS two of which are related to a genetic condition called EDS, I turned to Social media to share my journey and meet others who are suffering from the same illnesses and in doing so I've met some of my best friends! I now post between two social media platforms Instagram and YouTube I help spread awareness for chronic illness and educate others on my daily Life with Chronic illness. I've had the pleasure of being able to work with several companies to help promote medical aids and accessories to help the disabled and it's all thanks to social media, it's honestly changed my life for the better!!


Best in Show: Youtube Best in Show: Instagram

Amy is the most strongest inspiring person, she is a fighter and is very real Good luck Amy xx  — Livy

Amy Fisher is a brave, strong inspiring person and deserves this award more than anyone Keep being you xx  — Livy

She is very inspirational and she always tries her best in whatever she is doing, she is positive and never gives up even when she is let down  — Sarah

Amy is postive, enthusiastic, caring,loving, and she is very inspirational and I would like to share her success, and I think she is the most deserving for this award.  — Sarah

Amy is one of the most inspiring young chronic illness youtubers out there! She shows her daily ups and downs with chronic illness and never fails to connect with her audience and have laugh, all whilst spreading awareness for her debilitating illnesses. She is an amazing young women! And inspires and helps a lot of people.  — Megan

Amy is so inspiring as has helped so many people, I think she’s amazing  — Lilly

Past Awards Participation

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Best In Show: Instagram


Best in Show: Youtube

Fifth Annual Health Activist Awards


Best in Show: Instagram
Amy Lee Fisher | @chronically.ams

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