Christina Doherty

Patient Leader

I consider myself a person first, a patient second, and an advocate third. When I was first diagnosed I was disappointed with the lack of a positive and informative community for patients who were LIVING with this condition (and its co-morbidities). It was the first time I had ever truly felt alone. So I took it upon myself to try to create that safe space for support and conversation where people could ask questions and not fear the answers they might get. I never want anyone to feel like I have placed myself on some sort pedestal, which can unfortunately happen in any sort of community. My story isn’t special or unique. I am just one of far too many who has to wake up every and fight this fight. My focus is to stay down in the trenches, listen for the voices that aren’t being heard, and help by bringing them to the attention of those who need to hear them. It is so necessary to bridge that gap between patients and their support teams ( doctors, awareness foundations, therapists, product manufacturers, etc.) as they can sometimes get a little bit out of touch, focusing more on longterm goals while unaware of what the community is truly in need of in the “Here and Now.” There needs to be that balance! Therefore I find I focus most of my energy just talking to people on a one to one level and answering the questions that nobody else is. I wish I had had someone do that for me, so so don’t take that job lightly. Collaboration is my favorite word when it comes to healthcare! Partnering up with likeminded individuals with a shared goal is the most important thing we can do as a patient advocate! I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. If it works, let’s roll with it! HUGE thanks to you guys for getting me here and nominating me! It’s the community here that means the most to me. I am just so PROUD to be a small part of it!


Woburn, MA


Best in Show: Youtube

I’m nominating Christina because of her smile. She has many different smiles, but no matter her pain or hardships, she always has a smile to give. Her seemingly bottomless well of support and kindness has touched so many people, it’s about time she got some in return.

I'm nominating Christina because of her smile. She has many smiles, but no matter her pain or struggle she always has a smile to give. Christina has a seemingly bottomless well of compassion, and is always looking for ways to brighten other people's days. I think it's about time she was shown the same love she gives so selflessly.  — Caroline

While struggling w/ EDS & many comorbidities, she vlogs her life weekly, sharing more about EDS than any Dr has ever. She's truly generous & gives back to the community, that's she's the glue of, in many more ways than you could count: organizing giveaways, in the midst of major surgeries, etc. She's creative & caring in her advocacy. Love, Vanessa  — OutThere

I love watching her YouTube videos, she has strength, dedication, and hope. She try's everyday to make sure she is doing the best for her body and she supports the community every chance she gets. ❤❤❤  — Isabell

Christina has helped myself & so many with EDS, & without EDS. Her YouTube videos are so informative; especially in regards to the spine. There's a wealth of information & she's a ray of sunshine. She goes out of her way to help others & raise awareness.  — Megan

Christina Doherty

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