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Hello everyone! I am a 22 year old vlogger and artist fighting multiple chronic illnesses. When I first started to get ill I scoured the internet looking for others out there like me. I wanted someone I could connect with who was going through the same struggles that I was. I needed to see that there was someone out there who was LIVING with this. I wanted hope. Unfortunately, at the time, I came up empty handed. So I decided, if I couldn't find that person, then I was going to have to be that person; I owed it to my younger self. My desire is that through my videos people can learn a little, laugh a little, find kinship, community, inspiration, and most importantly, find HOPE.


Woburn, MA


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Instagram Advocating for Another


Best in Show: Youtube

I’m nominating Christina because of her smile. She has many different smiles, but no matter her pain or hardships, she always has a smile to give. Her seemingly bottomless well of support and kindness has touched so many people, it’s about time she got some in return.

I'm nominating Christina because of her smile. She has many smiles, but no matter her pain or struggle she always has a smile to give. Christina has a seemingly bottomless well of compassion, and is always looking for ways to brighten other people's days. I think it's about time she was shown the same love she gives so selflessly.  — Caroline

While struggling w/ EDS & many comorbidities, she vlogs her life weekly, sharing more about EDS than any Dr has ever. She's truly generous & gives back to the community, that's she's the glue of, in many more ways than you could count: organizing giveaways, in the midst of major surgeries, etc. She's creative & caring in her advocacy. Love, Vanessa  — OutThere

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Fifth Annual Health Activist Awards


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Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


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Christina Doherty

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