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Britt Johnson is an ePatient advocate empowering patients to be the drivers of their health while making them laugh! To her, patients are micro experts who have the wisdom to improve healthcare. Having lived with #rheum since age 7, she writes on the absurdity of living with chronic disease & answers questions daily within the community. She gently encourages people to find a new normal with disease & get creative in continuing to pursue their dreams. Feeling the need to keep it real, she founded #ChronicLife to expose what her day to day #ChronicLife looks like behind closed doors, while reinforcing living LIFE. She works for & is an avid hiker. TY to this community!!


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Advocating for Another Best in Show: Twitter

HurtBlogger goes out of her way to make everyone feel special. She is great at remembering the important things in life and helps others to focus on the positive, not the negative pain can cause. She is just one of those people that have "it"!  — Alan

Her un-ceasing campaign for health care advocacy for the chronically ill.  — Joe

Britt advocates with passion for her community while also possessing the ability to be friends with each individual in that community.  — Alan

Britt's positive slant on a painful, relatively unknown condition is fun to read and inspiring to her followers dealing with the same affliction.  — Robert

Although afflicted with Rheumatoid arthritis herself, HurtBlogger works tirelessly advocating for others through numerous social media networks and a variety of advocating organizations. I am constantly amazed at her convictions and strengths, never stopping through her own pain and battles. Her beliefs are are engaging, her strength enviable.  — Joe

Britt is a true leader when it comes to inspiring others, and changing the perceptions that others have of people living with chronic illness. She has inspired me in my own advocacy to push the borders and to believe that anything is possible.

Posts good information, little snipets of her life, very outgoing and helpful.  — Jim

An amazing advocate for the chronically ill patients. Has been around for a while and is always posting relevant information for those with multiple disorders including arthritis. She's amazing.

She is the ultimate fighter and a true inspiration to me and others in the chronic life community.  — Paul

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) does not have many advocates. I am a nurse and a patient. Seeing the blog and tweets, it is reassuring to know someone is working to help others in pain. People need resources & it is difficult to locate with chronic pain. Someone with knowledge & empathy gives others options they don't have on days when pain takes over.

Britt is a continual advocate for those with autoimmune arthritis as well as chronic illness in general. She shares her own struggles and triumphs to draw awareness to the impact chronic disease and autoimmune arthritis have on the lives of those affected by them. She shares her humour, dreams, and experience and tirelessly advocates.  — Christie

Britt is an incredible resource to many. On top of the information she shares for others to access, she is a force to be reckoned with. Many of us look to her as a leader in the rheumatoid arthritis community!  — Kenzie

Interesting, serious, funny sometimes & real.  — Deborah

I believe that @HurtBlogger deserves the Lifetime Achievement award because of the role model that she has become for all of us living with chronic illness or rare disease. She is always there to encourage, support, and advocate. The tireless work that she puts into #CureArthritis and all of her advocacy efforts needs to be recognized.  — Ross

This health activist is always more interested in helping others improve their quality of life. This activist makes individuals their top priority!  — Alan

Britt's enthusiasm is infectious and knowledge around juvenile arthritis impressive. She's called upon by prestigious organizations like Stanford to develop educational programs for others suffering with the condition. Britt is truly and inspiration.  — Robert

Hurt Blogger - Britt

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