Jacquoline Martin

Patient Leader

Jacquoline Martin is a 26-year-old award winning, bisexual, disabled entrepreneur from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Ms. Martin is one of the only high-functioning epileptics in the world to embrace entrepreneurialism. Since the young age of three months, Ms. Martin has experienced excessive seizure activity; said seizures causing her to be socially isolated on occasions. Rather than use her condition as a crutch, Jacquoline uses her epilepsy and lived experience as fuel to advocate for vulnerable sectors across Canada (including persons with physical disabilities, persons with invisible disabilities, etc.) After many years of struggle, Ms. Martin is now a CEO and Board Director.


Advocating for Another Advocating For Another

Ms. Martin has organized the illumination of several monuments across BC for the Mental Health Awareness week and currently working towards national recognition of Purple Day. Jacquoline is also developing a meals program for the hungry in our society, as well as promoting public awareness on social isolation through her Project Valentine's Day.  — Jane

I nominate Jacquoline because she works tirelessly for the marginalized and vulnerable within our community, particularly those struggling with chronic illnesses. Her own struggles with epilepsy as well as her experiences with loved ones battling chronic illness inform her advocacy. (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YRvSUEGQLjLNVUGbMVlkqjog6w64)  — Heather

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yHlsQTsWOMvI4vFwlbR6X7gKMKCNyXiCWCKPApHp778/edit?usp=sharing  — Edward

Since 2013, Jacquoline has been a force of nature in BC for the vulnerable and marginalized. She's coordinated fundraisers for the BC Epilepsy Society and other causes, from volunteering for the Burnaby Task Force on Homelessness, creating an outreach program at Douglas College and acting as liaison to international and First Nations students.  — Heather

Jacquoline Martin

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