Endometriosis Perth Sisterhood of Support

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We are a Western Australian 'endo sister' based support network for women living in WA with Endometriosis. We encourage positive relationships and social networking through social events and activities. Endometriosis Perth Sisterhood of Support started as an on-line Facebook support group on 2013 and is now branching out into the community, reaching out to women who feel alone with this very isolating disease. We want women with endometriosis to know they are not alone. We are your Perth Endo Sisters.


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I connected with fabulous Team on a recent visit to Australia and have been following them ever since, the care and effort they make for each other is outstanding and they are making a difference to women in their community  — EndoHappy

This group has been nothing short of a god send. Without them, I can say for certain I may not even be here. My endo sisters offer a safe place to talk about this disease, the effects physically, emotionally and most importantly tells you, you are not alone. They are amazingly helpful and will never understand how thankful I am to have them!!!!

A great support system in Perth for ladies with endo. Not only are they an online support group but they make a big effort to also provide actual meetings for support, educational talks and things of interest for our health condition. They give their time freely for the sake of helping others feel supported and not feel isolated with this illness.  — Michelle

Endometriosis Perth Sisterhood of Support

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