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Educates very well on her illness and even vlogs while in hospital. She has the best smile and her husband is a great caretaker. She also talks about her service dog.  — Jennifer

The Frey's provide quality health entertainment, advocacy, a positive spirit and health knowledge for patients not just with cystic fibrosis but many chronic illnesses. While searching for chronic illness youtube videos, I found their videos and Facebook presence to be very helpful in comforting, educating, and providing a real life view.  — Amy

She always keeps a positive attitude and helps others with chronic illnesses to stay positive and "do what you think you can't do". She's inspiring and an idol.  — Brianna

These two (three) never fail to lift my spirits! In just sharing their everyday life as patient and caregiver (and service dog) on their daily vlogs they have captured the heart of thousands, and no doubt raised huge amounts of awareness for cystic fibrosis. Although Mary is the one who is ill, these two are truly a team in everything they do!  — Christina

Mary and her husband, Peter have been advocating for people w/ Cystic Fibrosis as well as people w/ invisible illnesses and those w/ service dogs for many years. They're a wonderful Christian couple who share their journey w/ the world. Their mottos are "Laugh Every Day" and "Choose Joy". Their lives mirror God's love and give so many people hope.  — Melissa

In particular, I am nominating my dear friend Mary for this award. She is indeed a patient leader hero....and MORE. Mary's faith in Christ and in healing (whether on this side of Heaven or the perfect side) represents true commitment, resilience, and strength to me and many. Mary is a LIGHT for so many with chronic illness. She embodies true hope.  — Kenzie

Mary always no matter what her days are, could be a good day or bad and she always tries her best to smile and keep moving forward.

They are so real and open and not only share about their journey with cystic fibrosis but also encourage others through their faith in God!  — Holly Jo

Her and Peter have built an amazing community on YouTube and show daily struggles and help us on our daily struggles. Mary has taught me to be thankful for at least one thing from your day even if it was an awful day. They make you feel like your friends and family even though you haven't met them.  — Jade

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