Dr. Sean Stringer

Patient Leader


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Dr. Sean Stringer is a passionate healer that is very witty. He lightens the room up with his antics and humor. A catchy smile and laughter brings light to gloomy situations...he always says, "laughter is the best medicine". He always has the perfect comeback that brings everyone to laughing tears. A comedian for sure!  — Sean

What Dr. Stringer does at his clinic is amazing! Getting your body back to health in just 40 days!? Balancing hormones, supporting all of your organs getting rid of toxins, and getting rid of access fat! The best part is, he uses all natural methods! No shots, no bloodwork, no pills... Just getting your body healthy from the inside out!  — Payton

More people need to know about this incredible healer! Hidden in a nook in sunny Sarasota, Dr. Stringer brings light and love to his patients. I bring all my family in for care-from my littles to my parents. He has helped me with my chronic condition and keeps us all in laughing spirits!

Dr. Stringer, along with the rest of the bodyMIND Wellness staff are the BEST team all around! I feel such positive and calming energy when I go there. They take care of me like family- Every Single Staff member! From the front desk cheer,to the personal care of the wellness coaches &life coach, and Dr. Stringer's invested interest in patient care  — J

Dr. Sean Stringer

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