Stacey (CoffeeMommy) Tinianov

Patient Leader

In a challenging-to-navigate healthcare system, I support & educate others in finding their 'outside voice' during times of both wellness and illness. Despite maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle & following a myriad of published “cancer prevention” techniques, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, six weeks after celebrating my 40th birthday. Beyond advocating for patient driven data sharing & patients as partners in research, I openly share clinical & emotional details of my own treatment & survivorship, in the hope that, as knowledge breeds understanding & empathy, we can collectively transform the system to meet clinical and holistic needs of both patients and providers.


Santa Clara, CA


Health Activist Hero Advocating For Another Best in Show: Twitter

Stacey's Twitter bio says it best "COFFEEMOMMY Caffeine-Powered Working Mama & Shiny Object Follower. Runner. Suburban Environmentalist. Cyclist. Breast Cancer Ass-Kicker & EMPOWERED Patient Advocate. " Her passion and dedication are endless.  — Amanda

Stacey (CoffeeMommy) Tinianov

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