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I am the proud mom of two strong amazing boys who suffer with CAIDS. I am also the President/Founder of StopCAIDnow. I coined CAID because my son Brody was born with a rare and genetic disease with no known prognosis and my oldest son has EDS type 3. Instead of focusing on the diseases, I focused on the mechanism. I knew if we could shut off the bad inflammation in their diseases then we could help so many suffering with CAIDs. Stopcaidnow partnered with the Cleveland Clinic to dev. a CME on CAIDS so more Dr's would be able to properly diagnose and provide the right treatment. Our ultimate goal has always been to bring home the CURE. The hardest thing to hear is," mommy make it stop".


Advocating For Another


Advocating for Another

Lisa is a devoted single mom, author, and President/Founder for StopCAIDnow, Inc.a 501c3 accredited non-profit organization recognized globally. The foundation is focused on treatments, awareness, diverse genetic testing, and genomics. She is the voice & advocate for families struggling with Childhood AutoInflammatory Diseases.  — John

Stop Caid Now

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