Patient Leader

I am 34 with terminal triple negative BRCA1+ breast cancer. I have been documenting my cancer journey for 2 years. I talk about what it's like living with terminal cancer ways you can help those around you that might have cancer as well. I talk about what it's like knowing you are going to die and leave 2 kids behind. I also advocate for death with dignity and am featured on their website. I hope to one day have this option myself. I talk about being disabled and how just because I don't "look" sick doesn't mean I'm not. I give advice on how to talk to cancer patients and how to help your local treatment centers. My main goal is to spread awareness & help people feel not alone.


Advocating for Another


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I don't know jenny personally but I've been following her journey for almost 2 years. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Jenny is such an inspiration to other women fighting this devastating disease.  — connie


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