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Patient Leader

Hi! I'm Sam- a writer, cat mom, communications manager, and Crohn's patient. I was diagnosed in 2010 and my disease took a turn for the worse earlier this year, vastly changing my day-to-day life. Since then, I've started blogging and utilizing social media to connect with others who are in the same boat. It's been wonderful: I've made some great friends and now feel so much more understood and less alone. I try to use my Instagram as an outlet to show how ever-evolving chronic illness can be–– one day I may be posting an emergency room selfie, and the next week I'm traveling with friends. I try to show the balance I maintain and how I'm learning to cope.


Chicago, IL

Past Awards Participation

Fifth Annual Health Activist Awards


Best in Show: Blog


Best in Show: Instagram

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Best In Show: Instagram
Samantha Reid | Sicker Than Your Average

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