Rayannes Forbes - A Graves Disease Journey

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I'm the Father of Rayanne Forbes. As we tell her 'this isn't your disease (Graves) Rayanne - it's OUR disease' and we'll all get through it as a true Family. If you've read Rayannes amazing blog - with 30,000 reads from around the world - you will see a carefully crafted description of what she has been through and what the rest of us have been through. Nobody is looking for sympathy but we're all looking for answers and what WE find out YOU find out via Rayannes very vidid and candid description. There's nothing held back. This is a painful recollection - both physically and psychologically - of what a terrible disease can do to you. Throughout the on going process Rayannes bravery is infectious and sends out such a positive feel that we are all extremely proud of her. An award for her work would certainly be a wonderful acknowledgement for what she has gone through.  — Marty

She is sharing her battle with Graves Disease with the hope of educating more people about this disease. It's a great site for newly diagnosed graves disease patients.

Yes it's my daughter. She is the most inspiring person I know. After 6 surgeries; with another one set, Rayanne has just been approved to open the Graves Foundation of Edmonton wherein she is raising funds to help others who suffer from Graves disease. Her blog now has been read close to 42,000 times from around the world. Incredible role model.  — Marty

Rayanne Forbes has the biggest heart I know. That must be why it beats so fast sometimes, it's too busy doing & caring for everyone & everything all the time. She never slows down, she shows her support in the worthiest of causes constantly. All at the same time she struggles on her own path. A path that has brought her down & torn her up. She struggles every day with her own issues but never stops thinking of everyone around her. She shines so bright with positivity for everyone even when she's having the worst personal days. She lends more hands than she has, & never asks for anything in return. I could spend days & weeks explaining why this amazing woman deserves this award, but anyone & everyone who knows her, sees why every single day. Whether it be in person, on her blog, on many social media sites, through her foundation or at work and the charities she is a part of. I don't know anyone more worthy of such gifts & awards. She helps people not only locally but reaches across the world to help!  — Stephanie

Rayannes Forbes - A Graves Disease Journey

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