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I was diagnosed with guttate and plaque psoriasis in high school (I had a SUPER cool plaque that covered the expansion of my forehead. Like puberty isn't awkward enough, right?) It quickly grew to cover 85% of my body. It became who I was. All that people wanted to talk to me about. All that people noticed about me. My identity became the disease. Docs only gave me creams and ointments. I'm a big guy--it took like a whole tube to cover me--then I was supposed to wrap myself like leftovers in plastic wrap. No thanks. So I let the disease do what it wanted to my body, resigning to the fact that this was who I was now. I suffered for many years. My skin would crack and bleed. I would develop MRSA infections from the open wounds. I was asked not to come over to family's houses because my skin flaking "grossed them out and they had to clean for hours after I left." Thankfully I found the love of my life young and married her when I was only 20 years old. That same girl started working for the National Psoriasis Foundation I'm December of 2015. Life changed. I got real information about my disease. It's an autoimmune disease? I had no idea! What is psoriatic arthritis? Biologics aren't as scary as the commercials make them. I'm not alone. I started sharing my journey through the ups and downs right before my 30th birthday and it has changed everything. I have a new identity. My real identity. The one I was convinced was buried deep under mounds of skin. I always used humor as a defense mechanism, but now I want to use it to raise awareness and let others know they are not alone. I always ran from cameras. Now I sit in front of one every week to hopefully bring some joy and hope to others.


Portland, OR


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Hilarious Patient Leader

Fairly new to YouTube, but making a big splash and helping others with psoriasis feel they are not alone through a bit of humor.  — Jaime

Chris dedicates his time to raise the spirits of fellow psoriasis sufferers. I don’t think Chris does it for the accolades or recognition, I think he does it to help people. He is quite literally a diamond in the rough  — Dave

Chris provides a humorous spin to living with psoriasis! Everything he talks about is relatable.  — Alisha

When you are living with psoriasis it can be emotionally deliberating. Chris has found a creative way to raise awareness for psoriasis through funny videos and memes. He uses humor to share stories of his crazy life with psoriasis. His motto is: Just because psoriasis is a serious disease doesn't mean we have to take ourselves too seriously."

Psoriatic Pstandup

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