Kelli Roseta

Patient Leader

Kelli Roseta is a lupus advocate, award-winning blogger, & community liaison. She is also a 28 year lupus survivor. Since she was 11 years old, she has endured multiple organ, blood, and muscular-skeletal involvement, many surgeries, and dozens of hospitalizations due to systemic lupus. Her passion for connecting and validating those in the lupus community began after years of struggling physically and emotionally with the disease. After attending a lupus support group, she realized what a need there was for those in the lupus community to know "they are not alone." Through her ground-breaking Facebook Support Chats, innovative blogs and inspirational speaking engagements, she has given thousands of individuals not only hope, but a voice, in a world where many still don't understand lupus, nor take it seriously. Kelli has had the unique privilege of being involved in the development of the Lupus Research Program, a lupus program specifically targeted to allocate federally funded research grants through the Department of Defense, and was appointed to their Programmatic Panel as well. Additionally, she was chosen as a patient advocate scholarship winner through the Lupus Research Alliance for their Annual Hill Day. ​More than Lupus was created as a place where those who were just diagnosed, or those that have been living with lupus for decades - can connect, grow and inspire others through the peaks and valleys of their lupus journey. With its multiple social media platforms, More Than Lupus has become an international lupus family with an upwards of 25,000 individuals reaching out per week for inspiration and guidance.


Portland, OR

Ik nomineer Kelli, omdat zij enorm veel betekent voor de Wereldwijde Lupus gemeenschap en mensen met Lupus ondersteund met informatie en educatie terwijl ze zelf ook strijd tegen deze misterieuze ziekte. Zonder deze strijders zullen we nooit een genezing vinden. 💪  — Marco

Kelli works tirelessly to support and bring invaluable resources to the lupus community. She has created a platform that is reaching patients world wide and is helping so many to find community and not feel that they are walking through this lupus journey alone.  — Darien

Kelli is an outstanding leader with a large and loyal following. She educates and encourages lupus patients with incredible empathy, love and support.  — Ben

Kelli is a lupus warrior herself and is understanding and transparent with her challenges so we can learn from her. She is honest and doesn’t judge. She has the most amazing online support chats and instagram both held weekly a long with in persons support groups. She travels to help other lupus organizations along with advocating for funding.  — Cathy

Kelli is a fierce advocate for those suffering from Lupus and all of its overlapping conditions. She is tenacious, compassionate and unrelenting in her endeavor to both support the community and in her collaborative work with the medical professionals to help find a cure. Kelli should be recognized for her selfless work.  — Orlando

Kelli's blogs are timely, informative and extremely caring to those suffering with lupus and lupus overlap diseases. She frequently uses her own personal experiences of being a 28 year lupus survivor and infuses humor and positivity to motivate others to keep fighting and know they are more than their lupus diagnosis.  — Patti

Kelli Roseta

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