The Headache Heroine

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Hi everyone! I have had headache disorders for over 10 years. My chronic daily headaches & episodic migraines have become a part of who I am. More recently, I have also been diagnosed with narcolepsy w.o cataplexy, food allergies, mild POTs & hypermobility EDS. I decided to turn my pain into something positive when I created The Headache Heroine. I've built a support system for myself & I hope for others who have invisible illnesses also. Through my blog, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest, I aim to show others that they are not alone, like I once thought I was. I hope I can lift spirits, encourage, help others cope, & remind people that they're strong enough to keep fighting.


Arlington , VA


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Best in Show: Instagram Best in Show: Pinterest
The Headache Heroine

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