Ship with No Sails

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I am living a lovely life with CRPS, Lyme Disease, and Chronic inflammatory Response Syndrome. Becoming chronically ill and subsequently disabled has changed my life and surprisingly it has had some strange silver linings. In the almost 6 years that I have been sick, I feel like I have learned a lifetime of lessons. I have felt my heart break open as I have seen what every day people struggle with because chronic illness and/or disability has flipped their world upside down. I want to help those people find a home in their body again as I search for the home inside my own. I believe speaking out, reaching out, and keeping each other afloat no matter how rough the waters may be.


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Genevieve raises awareness about both eating disorders and living with chronic pain - with humour, humility, honesty & compassion. Her writing is beautiful and has had my daughter and I in tears. I found her through the chronic illness bloggers network where she is a great role model for the rest of us.  — Claire

Despite being presently disabled, Genevieve spends her time tirelessly attempting to make others feel less alone and more connected through community. Her eloquence with both words and empathy makes her blog a true light amid the darkness of chronic illness. She shares her experience while marrying humor, pain, and truth. She deserves recognition.  — Lila

Genevieve has helped me IMMENSELY from teaching me that I shouldn't be ashamed of my wheelchair to giving me a role model... As a disabled teenage girl, I don't have many people like me to look up to, Genevieve provides that for me. She shows me it's possible to be a strong woman WITH my disability, not in spite of.  — Ev

I found Geneviev's blog through a friend of a friend and I immediately spent the next hour reading post after post. Her story is so similiar to my own and I apreciate how much she shares about her own life. I also love that she includes posts about treatment options, going to the ER, and how to be in a relationship when you are sick and in pain.  — Eve

Genevieve uses her voice to empower, comfort, and instill hope in others. She reminds us that there are people that “get it”. She is raw, honest, and unapologetic about her experiences. Genevieve is a breath of fresh air. She provides a haven for those that need a place to let the darkness out and let some light back in.  — Destiny

Ship with No Sails

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