Kate the (Almost) Great

Patient Leader

Kate the (Almost) Great is a lifestyle blog about writing, health, and my millennial life. I use my blog to talk about the issues of living with arthritis and fibromyalgia to educate others and to improve the lives of people who live with it. I speak about these issues on the blog as well as my social media channels and engage with my representatives in Congress.


Boston, MA


Best in Show: Blog Health Activist Hero

Kate should win the Best in Show: Blog award because her blog offers priceless advice and insight on being a young adult with a disability. As someone who does not have a disability but has a loved one who does, hearing Kate's perspective has helped me better support my sister, who also has arthritis, and understand invisible illnesses.

Kate does such an excellent job of being both hopeful and motivated, as well as realistic and humble, about the challenges her health can give her. She is a role model for anyone in the same position and she is an advocate for us. Thank you!  — Emmie

Kate the (Almost) Great

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