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My name is John Cummings. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was twelve: however, I was able to have a fairly healthy adolescence playing sports and doing what most teens do. In my last year in high school, I began to be gravely sick with a few episodes of pneumonia. My doctors and I have learned through the years that the pneumonia and youth asthma prompted perpetual scarring of the lungs and a sickness called bronchiectasis. At this point with my disease I choose to spread the word about my experiences and to serve as a model for those you are newly diagnosed with COPD.


Rookie of the Year

John has been battling COPD for 25+ years and has dedicated himself to innovative strategies for self improvement. In addition, he is committed to helping others by way of his profession as a family therapist.  — Gayle

This was a great year for John. He developed his blog and a small following on Facebook, twitter and tumblr. He has keen insights into COPD, having the disease for a long period of time.  — Aliya

COPD Challenger

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