Heather C. Aspell

Patient Leader

Heather is a visual storyteller, artist, and patient advocate. She has lived with multiple complex chronic illnesses since childhood including systemic JIA/Still's Disease, dermamyositis, spondylitis, CVID, endometriosis, migraines, gastroparesis & more. Heather shares unapologetic "selfies" & other images featuring her using her mobility aids & engaging in everyday activities relating to caring for her chronic illnesses in an effort to normalize the experience of being chronically ill and disabled as a younger person and challenge common misconceptions about disability and chronic illness. She hopes that by sharing her own story she can help others feel less isolated!


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One glance at Heather's Instagram feed and you will recognize the strength, contentment, and passion she exudes. Thank you for being authentic, Heather. You are a wonderful friend and advocate.  — Kenzie

Heather C. Aspell

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