Sabrina Skiles

Patient Leader


Katy, TX


Best Kept Secret Best in Show: Instagram

Shes doing a great job as a patient advocate bringing awareness for psoriasis!  — Sana

Sabrina is the queen of Instagram! She uses photos to capture her life and her family life because living with psoriasis affects more than just the patient. It truly impacts the entire family. She is an inspiration to all who have skin and autoimmune diseases. She has heart and my vote!

She is so passionate about educating people about psoriasis. I’ve kearned a tremendous amount of info by following her on Instagram.

Sabrina tells it like it is as a psoriasis patient and advocate. Her honest posts empower her audience to stay positive and confident, but she also knows the physical and emotional impact it can have on their lives. Her lifestyle tips show how she doesn't let psoriasis get in her way, but how she adapts to feel her best living with it.  — Joni

Sabrina & I have been at several conferences together, but didn't touch base or truly 'meet' until April 2018. Right then & there I snapped a selfie with her, put it on my IG story, & wrote the words... "this gal is just as sweet in person as she is online! follow her!" She is a true hidden gem & I'm proud to all her a fellow activist & friend!  — Kenzie

Sabrina has made it her mission to raise awareness and is very active in making a difference . She’s super inspiring in her posts and stories and I’m super proud of the impact she is making .  — Alitzah

Sabrina Skiles

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