Iris Thiele Isip Tan

Patient Leader

Physician specializing in internal medicine/endocrinology. Medical educator. Health informatics expert. Cofounder of #HealthXPH tweet chat. TedX speaker. Healthcare and social media advocate. I blog because there are too few doctors out there and many snake oil salesmen. To protect our patients we can create content ourselves or give out what I call internet prescriptions (a curated list of websites). At, I have written posts in Filipino about diabetes, goiter etc. for my patients. These are also posted at How I started advocating on Facebook is a TedX talk here


Best in Show: Facebook Health Activist Hero

She has educated many Filipinos about endocrine disorders for several years now through the use of social media. She also takes the time and effort to answer her followers' questions and continues to participate in various endeavors that aim to promote the use of social media in advancing healthcare.  — Ann Meredith

Iris Thiele Isip Tan

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