Patient Leader

I am an MS Patient Leader and have been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 12/13/2007. I am so happy to see the progress that has been made with treatments for MS. I am currently living my best life and taking every opportunity that comes my way to help my fellow MS patients do the same.


Fernley, NV


Best in Show: Community or Forum Health Activist Hero Hilarious Health Activist Best in Show: Youtube Rookie of The Year

I am super passionate and active in the MS community. Whether it be online, locally or across the country I am on a mission to inspire and empower my fellow MS patients. I belive that being transparent about my personal MS journey gives others insight about what MS is and how it affects MS patients and their families.  — Starla

Starla is an amazing activist for MS. She coordinates our MS Walk here at NV Energy every year without fail. Starla is a champion with her MS and through all of the challenges that comes with this disease, she smiles with faith unwavering. She is an inspiration to all those around her.  — Gayle

Starla has always gone above and beyond to help others within her community that struggle with having MS. Whether that means sharing details about her journey to a diagnosis or raising money to help the MS Society find a cure she always finds a way to help and encourage others.  — Daesia

She has educated herself on MS and has not let the illness take over her life. She is passionate about helping others and has a beautiful spirit and heart .

Starla is an exceptional Health Activist who walks the talk. She is an incredible spokesperson as well as a MS warrior as she ministers to others thru a Blog, seminars and voice with a positive spirit. She is constantly educating herself on the disease and how to manage through nourishment and medicine as well as fighting for a cure.  — Lorri


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