Sita Gaia

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Hi! I am Sita and I have been an advocate for Epilepsy ever since 2012. I felt very lonely when my seizures returned after being seizure free for ten years. I decided to start blogging about it, and in 2016 I was very lucky to present "The Hell of Chronic Illness" at TedxStanleyPark in Vancouver, BC. I am working hard to create my own business to help people with Epilepsy to live connected, fulfilling lives.


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I have known Sita many years. She was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 8 and despite the severity of this condition she remained cheerful and optimistic. She went on to get a degree in Social Work,. an almost impossible achievement. Her blog touches on so many things: body image, depression and mental illness, self care, and epilepsy.  — Jude

Sita has written a blog for a few years now about epilepsy and how it impacts her. From medications to moods to impacts of episodes, she writes with no holds barred. Her blogs educate others about facets of epilepsy to how to assist others in dealing with someone who has experienced a seizure. A valuable resource!

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Sita Gaia
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