Shane Schulz

Patient Leader


Troy, NY


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Shane Shultz hosts Arisen Strength which is a strengthening tool for those who are finding themselves to be stuck or worse in life's challenges! Motivational Influence Shane Schulz uses the pillars and foundations throughout the challenges of their day to day lives and now they want to share them with You!  — Barby

Shane's Speaking to the Heart Radio Network hosts many Podcasts as well as his own and is a shinning example of his amazing advocacy and willingness to give others a voice. He should be celebrated with great recognition!  — Barby

Shane Schulz is a collaborative member of the WEGO Health Patient Leader team and he tirelessly works to support and engage the healthcare community with Arisen Strength and Speaking to the Heart. Shane is always searching for ways to actively advocate for others.  — Amanda

I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by Shane about my journey with epilepsy and he was absolutely professional and at the very same time, so easy to talk to! He has such a gift in what he does and uses that gift to help others to share their personal stories and raise awareness for their cause! He most certainly deserves this award!  — Tiffany

Shane Schulz

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