Tina's Place haven for Melanoma patients stage III & IV

Patient Leader

Tina’s Place is offered free to support Melanoma patients Stage III & IV and is intended to be a respite from the incredibly taxing battle fought by brave men/women and their families. Thus the need for healing spaces in which to recoup as well as celebrate life along the way. Fostering Recuperation, Renewal & Celebration of families. Is there such a thing as a “healing place?” Do our physical surroundings affect us emotionally and even spiritually? Research and our own experiences says yes! First you would need a place that is close to nature, surrounded by beauty, full of love and grace. Add countless thoughtful touches to the space and you have Tina’s Place.


Columbiaville, MI

Past Awards Participation

Fifth Annual Health Activist Awards


Advocating for Another


Best Team Performance
Tina's Place haven for Melanoma patients stage III & IV

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