Trisha Bundy

Patient Leader

I am a loving mother trying to make the best of unexpected health challenges created by gastroparesis and other digestive motility disorders. I was living a "normal" life Feb 2013 as an active mother and elementary teacher but woke up the next morning unable to eat without severe pain, debilitating nausea, and vomiting/heaving. Due to my continued health problems and their impact on my daily life, I sadly had to resign from my career. I have been dependent on a feeding tube since 2013 for nutrition, IV home hydration since 2016, and have an ileostomy since 2016. Illness may have flipped my life inside out, but I believe that I can use my personal medical experiences to help others through their difficult and sometimes scary experiences, help others know they are not alone on this journey, and hopefully help express the need for increased research along the way as well. I also hope to remind others that they are here for a reason and can still find purpose in their life, even if it's not the purpose that they had first envisioned.


Wilson, NC


Best in Show: Blog Best Kept Secret

Ms. Trisha goes above and beyond with her efforts to educate the Gastroparesis community. Her research and helpful hints, as well as her personal experiences, serve to enlighten and inform others struggling with this devastating illness. She is kind and supportive of all who seek assistance!  — Melissa

Ms. Trisha is a fierce advocate and gentle soul who gives selflessly to all those she encounters in our Gastroparesis community. She always has a kind word, an inspirational message, and fabulous advice for those in need of support. She often avoids the spotlight, but her efforts on our behalf deserve both praise and recognition. A true warrior!  — Melissa

Ms. Trisha works tirelessly to educate others regarding the effects of gastrointestinal motility disorders & never fails to offer help & support to those in need. She is active on social media, maintains her own blog, & advocates for others who often feel lost. She does all this not for praise or accolades - but she deserves them, nonetheless.  — Melissa

Ms. Trisha is a fabulous advocate for the GP community. Through her blog, social media posts, & involvement in online support groups, she not only promotes awareness but does her best to provide information & encouragement to those who are struggling. And though she does not seek recognition, she certainly deserves it for her tireless dedication.  — Melissa

Trisha Bundy

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