Ronny Allan

Patient Leader

I was diagnosed with incurable Metastatic Neuroendocrine Cancer in July 2010 after presenting with weight loss, symptoms of iron deficiency and facial flushing (Carcinoid Syndrome). I like to be factual, educational and with the occasional pinch of humour. I also want to inspire my community by putting a positive spin on life whilst retaining an element of both sympathy and empathy. I'm an internationally known advocate for Neuroendocrine Cancer using my blog to spread awareness and facts about this unusual, less common and complex disease. Consequently, I'm very passionate about moving Neuroendocrine Cancer into mainstream knowledge circles by finding brand new audiences.


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Undoubtedly an information source for patients, carers and the those interested in this rare disease of neuroendocrine cancer also know as carcinoid cancer.  — Kat

Consistently and tirelessly challenges the status quo for better patient outcomes and care, takes time and trouble to pro-actively advocate for others and does all he can to champion the patient cause

Regular blogger on a wide array of topics around NET, witty, well written and very well researched Ronnie is a great source of valuable information and support

When I was first diagnosed and searching for more information on the internet Ronny's blog came up and his knowledge helped me understand my condition. I was relieved to read it from another patient.  — jeanne

The medical data, insight and experience Ronny collates and shares on his website and FB page on this rare disease (NET cancer) have been an enormous source of information and hope for me and my family.  — Michael

Founder of USA based carcinoid outreach since 2011, met Ronny in 2014 and discussed Patient based outreach and he has surpassed all expectations and won last year. Let's continue his important work on a broad scale.  — Lin

Outstanding information he shares with everyone, His way of explaining so we can all understand , Goes above and beyond helping us and brings hope to us all, such a compassionate person and terrific Patient Leader Hero,.  — patricia

Ronny Allan

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