April "Glitter Queen"

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April brings love light and happiness to all. She has a facebook profile for awareness also. Through her own pain and seizures she chooses joy and hope. She chooses to inspire others and send cards to those struggling filled with glitter, which makes it hard to not smile. I love her and what she does so much for the Gastroparesis community.  — Amanda

April is a daily inspiration to me with her amazing positivity and her sense of grace and humour. I look forward to her tweets, posts, and photos. She is always a source of support and positivity which I greatly appreciate and admire.  — Kimberly

Glitter Queens Global is a group of compassionate women that, despite dealing with a multitude of undesirable symptoms associated with gastroparesis (GP), volunteer to share their time and energy reaching out to people in the GP community to encourage them and help keep their spirits up through "glitter bombs", sage advice and free raffles.  — Robert

April is the Founder of "Glitter Queens Global" which is a non profit that's purpose is to encourage those with chronic illnesses. No matter how ill she is herself, everyday she coaches us to feel better about our lives, showers us with love and appreciation as well as advocates on our behalf. Simply put, she spreads positivity where ever she goes!  — Mindy

April "Glitter Queen"

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