Charlotta Norgaard

Patient Leader


New York, NY

She is a fighter, fore everyone who has Lupus  — Bitten

Charlotta has extensive knowledge in healthcare and shares it freely to help others struggling. Her stories informs us what else WE can do to make a difference in our lives and others in the future by collaborating with pharma, research etc. Charlotta meets with healthcare leaders and encourage us to participate in patient empowerment and trials.  — Charlene

This woman is out of this world, different and strong. She roots for us when we can't and she pushes us to be better - better towards ourselves, our disease/health and our attitudes. She doesn't allow negative talk but pushes us to think positive and find a way to live with our disease, not focusing on hating it. She has made me a better person.  — Charlene

Charlotta Norgaard

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