Joe Tbi Survivor Martin

Patient Leader


Best in Show: Facebook Best in Show: Twitter

Joe Martin has one of the best Facebook support groups for Brain Injury Survivors. Joe's group, and News Page have been an inspiration to many TBI Survivors on Facebook, myself included. Mr. Martin is an excellent Administrator, and a very caring, and tireless advocate for so many TBI Survivors.  — Trina

For the work I do posting news about #TraumaticBrainInjury #TBI, #headinjury, #concussion, #Chronictraumaticencephalopathy #CTE #Shakenbabysyndrome  — Joe

I was nominated from the information about Traumatic Brain Injury, concussion and Chronic traumatic encephalopathy I share in Twitter. I share the information with Facebook also. The news never stops so I continue to share it to the world.  — Joe

Joe Tbi Survivor Martin

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