Maya Northen Augelli

Patient Leader

Maya battles rapid cycling cyclothymia, a rare mood cycling disorder. Since her diagnosis nine years ago, she has become increasingly determined to battle the stigma of mental health conditions and mood cycling disorders, and to provide support for others who struggle with them. Maya writes about her journey with cyclothymia on her blog, Lilies and Elephants, oversees a peer support group on Facebook for mood disorders, and is the founder of the Spread Hope Project. She also is involved with local chapters of the American Foundation for Suicide prevention, and walks the Out of Darkness Overnight Walk for Suicide Prevention each year, raising awareness & funds for the cause.


Philadelphia, PA


Best in Show: Blog

She blogs about issues affecting people with mood disorders and other mental health conditions, trying to help the general public understand both the feelings of the people involved and ways of helping overcome negative perceptions. She also founded the Spread Hope Project to try to work on supporting mental health.

Past Awards Participation

Fifth Annual Health Activist Awards


Best in Show: Blog Health Activist Hero
Maya Northen Augelli

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