Maya Northen Augelli

Patient Leader


Philadelphia, PA


Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Blog

Maya's openness and honesty is an inspiration. Her bravery in baring her soul is an example. Facing the fears and risks associated with sharing the story of her journey with mental illness, she shares it anyway in the hopes that she can strip away some of the assumptions, inaccuracies and misunderstandings about those who deal with mental illness.

Maya is a fantastic advocate and she shares her story which is underrepresented.  — Nicole

Maya is offering a platform for all people who struggle with mental health issues to feel safe and supported. Regardless of the severity or type of mental health struggles a person faces, Maya is sure to make all those who reach out feel heard. She is a tremendous writer who uses both humor and honesty to make others feel understood.

She blogs about issues affecting people with mood disorders and other mental health conditions, trying to help the general public understand both the feelings of the people involved and ways of helping overcome negative perceptions. She also founded the Spread Hope Project to try to work on supporting mental health.

Maya Northen Augelli

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