Carla Kienast

Patient Leader


Dallas, TX


Healthcare Collaborator: Company Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Best in Show: Blog Best Kept Secret

Carla's blog is extremely informative about RA, how to deal with it and what's going on in healthcare in America (which is interesting for me as I'm based in the UK but also very useful and informative for her US readers). There's also updates about how Carla's doing herself and what she's up to - which makes it all more personal and fun to read.  — Anne

Carla seeks out intentional activism & advocacy. If you don't follow her blog, head there NOW & bookmark it! The amount of wisdom she has regarding living with rheumatoid arthritis, undergoing surgeries due to arthritic damage, etc. is invaluable &, always raw & real. Carla also has an uplifting presence/lovely sense of humor. :) She is such a gem!  — Kenzie

Carla Kienast

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