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Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Pinterest

Hilda has been an inspiration to thousands of people over the last few years. Overcoming several diagnostic diseases, she has taken healthy living to a whole new level. Followers from all over the world have gleaned from her knowledge and testimony. She's our biggest cheerleader in our endeavor to live long and finish strong!  — Yvette

Hilda Solares is a wonderful woman. She is very knowledgeable, kind and she has the biggest heart ever. Hilda is the founder of Fit To Serve group which is a low carb keto Christian group. Through her blogging, she has been able to share her testimony and help others reach their health goals. Hilda is the best!!  — Rachel

She has been an inspiration to so many including myself. Great impact and outreach in our community.

Hilda Solares has a passion to help people get Fit to Serve! She dedicates her time to encourage and teach on a healthy way of eating to obtain a healthier lifestyle. Her research and blogging on nutrition has helped many people reach their goals and obtain the results expected physically as well as emotionally. I'm grateful for her dedication.  — Martha


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