Making Lemonade Because I Can

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I am a 47 year old woman who had to quit her passion (teaching) due to advancing MS at the age of 42. I am a patient advocate, a blogger, and a seasoned motivational/patient advocate speaker. After stopping work, I battled breast cancer, MS and all. Today I am a proud Warrior as well as a Survivor.


North Brunswick, NJ


Lifetime Achievement Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Blog

Rennie was diagnosed with MS in 2003, and continued to work as a high school Spanish teacher (her true passion and calling) until MS forced her to retire during the 2013-2014 school year. SInce then she has reinvented herself as a blogger on the topic of MS, using her skills as an educator to try to assist those living with MS.  — Bruce

Rennie has decided to dedicate her life to helping others, whether it's dealing with MS (as she does every day) or breast cancer (which she had). Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she has decided to be a proactive supporter of people with these conditions. her blogs are indicative of her efforts. Therefore, she deserves to be nominated!  — Michael

Making Lemonade Because I Can

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