Patient Leader

I'm Marisa, the founder of LupusChick. We are a NY based nonprofit for people living with lupus and other autoimmune diseases that typically overlap. Currently we reach almost a half million people per month via our website and social media. In addition to running LupusChick, I am a journalist, public speaker, and author. I recently signed a book deal for my memoir that deals with living and thriving despite a chronic condition. I love to share my story and also listen to stories of other people. It is through listening that we can learn so much.


Rochester, NY

Marisa is one of the most compassionate, dedicated people that I have come to know. She puts her heart and soul in all that she does. without a doubt you can tell that she goes above and beyond and she seeks to make a difference. She seeks to create a positive impact for all. She deserves this award for her beautiful inspiration and work.  — Tiffany

I want to nominate my wife who started LupusChick 11 years ago despite having health problems of her own.Today, they reach over 500K people a month with lupus/autoimmune diseases,have a nonprofit side and given away 7 college scholarships to women w lupus. She also worked with NY govt in the area of lupus.She has a true heart to help people in need  — Mickey

Ive watched my wife be a champion for Lupus patients all over the world for 9 years, despite her own tremendous health struggles.She began LupusChick 9 years ago and works tirelessly to educate and support patients, give college scholarships, speak publicly on the disease..She has built a community of support of 100s of thousands despite being sick  — Mickey

Marisa is beauty, brains and compassion! Her instagram eloquently portrays life with lupus, self care and her overall beautiful positive energy.  — Eileen is a wonderful resource for newly diagnosed patients, those getting tested for Lupus, and also long time patients. It has abundant information for all levels of the patient journey. The information has been ongoing for over 8 years & patients can find just about any topic they need! On FB, patients love to interact!

Marisa provides a real life look at what someone with lupus and other chronic conditions deals with - whether it is a hard day of treatment, or a full spoons day where you get to go enjoy yourself. She does it all with joy, faith, and a dash of humor and love. Her instagram is a place to go to get encouraged, get informed, and be loved on!  — Pat

Marisa is one of the sweetest and dedicated Patient Leaders that I have had the pleasure of meeting! In all that she does along her journey, you can tell that she is driven by passion and motivation to share her story and make a positive impact for others! I am so pleased to call her a dear friend!  — Tiffany

Marisa has made education and support for lupus and other chronic illness patients a priority in her life for more than 10 years. She’s an incredible advocate, speaker, and resource for patients around the world. She gives everything she has to supporting other patients in different stages of chronic illness and is an inspiration to so many.  — Cassandra

Marisa is an incredible patient, advocate and supporter for everyone who has Lupus. Her website is a wonderful resource for patients and caregivers alike. Marisa recently began a collaboration with Healthline as she continues her work for the patient communities of all diseases.  — Amanda

Marisa is a talented writer who suffers from lupus. She knows how to research and communicate issues related to lupus in a very direct and understandable format. That talent is hard to come by. I find her fact based insights extremely valuable as a fellow lupus sufferer, and her optimism keeps me coming back for more.

Over the past 10 years Marisa has worked at and developed a community on and social media outlets that now reaches over 500,000 people a month. She remembers how lonely and isolating being diagnosed with an invisible chronic illness is, and works tirelessly to minimize the # of people who will feel that way after diagnosis.  — Mickey

Marisa shares her story for others who are going through the same experience even though they may differ for others at times. It’s amazing how she tries to find ways to find healthy eating habits and her upbeat attitude  — James

Marisa not only advocates for lupus patients and provides college scholarships but she is a lupus patient herself. She serves others out of love, compassion and true understanding. She bridges the gap so that others don’t have to feel alone facing this diagnosis. She travels the country giving speeches to doctors and health care workers.  — Evelyn


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