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ClusterHeadSurvivor Tom has had cluster headaches, the worlds most painful disease known to medical science for over 11 years. Even after losing a marriage, a career as a barber and friends, 4 failed brain surgeries,he still continues to fight and raise awareness for cluster headaches & migraines and suicide prevention through his blog, YouTube,Twitter, TV specials and celebrities and raise $ for research. There is no such word as "can't" in his vocabulary . He credits his wife, his unsung hero as his strength. He also designed the Cluster Suicide Headache logo and it can be seen on TV shows, race cars, celebrity photos and survivors cars around the world.


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Tom shares his Cluster Headache journey on many online formats, the most amazing is the story telling how he survived one of most severe and often last treatment option, Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. Tom reaches out to many celebrities for awareness. He's created a bumper sticker which has appeared on Trailer Park Boys.

He has survived 4 failed brain surgeries and never gives up hope to help others struggling to stay alive. He writes from the heart. He raises the most awareness for this disease on the planet  — Kristene

Tom's manages to focus the energy created by his affliction into a beacon for others being crushed by cluster headaches. By sharing his personal experiences he educates and supports others and brings hope to families and victims of this extremely painful disease.  — Blair

Cluster Head Tom

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