Patient Leader

I am an International Pain Foundation Delegate. I have been volunteering for the past 10 years with Power of Pain/International Pain Foundation. I also serve on the Advocacy, Music Moves Awareness, and NERVEmber committees. I have also served on the iPain executive board for 4 years. I am very thankful to be recognized for the volunteer work that I do. I do it because I know it makes a difference for my personal health as well as helps other people. We should all be sharing our stories and caring for those in our lives and around the world living with chronic pain.


Best Kept Secret

Jodi has been volunteering for iPain since the start. That is 10 years of being a best kept secret. She is a hidden gem who serves on every iPain committee, attends all of the meetings and every event she can physically handle and deserves to be recognized with this category. She is great at sharing, advocating and being a friend to those in pain!

Jodi Dragon is a hidden gem of the chronic pain community – as an advocate she supports the pain community through her volunteer efforts with the iPain Foundation. She has volunteered since day 1 of the foundation over 11 years ago, yet she has not yet received a spotlight for her efforts!  — Barby


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