Rebecca Lombardo

Patient Leader

At 19 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I've battled mental illness on many levels most of my life. In 2013, I nearly died by suicide. When I left the hospital, I knew I had to make a change. I started a blog detailing my struggles and before long I was hearing from all over the world. Eventually I turned my blog into a book that is available on Amazon now. I still have my blog and I also write for The Huffington Post. Most recently, my husband and I began hosting our own mental health podcast called Voices for Change. Every day I speak with someone that feels my book helped them or someone that needs advice. I've been happily married 15 years and I'm incredibly grateful I'm still here.


Farmington Hills, MI

Diagnosed with bipolar at age 19, Rebecca has struggled with mental illness ever since. In 2013, she attempted suicide. Knowing that she needed to make a change, she started writing a blog detailing her struggles. Eventually turning it into a book. She is an advocate, blogger for the HuffPost and is hosting a mental health podcast with her husband.  — Joe

Rebecca is one of the strongest people I know. She has put herself out there to try to help others. She is gaining followers and readers, but I believe she deserves more attention so others can hear her incredible story.  — Kristen

Rebecca is a strong and inspiring mental health advocate. She bravely shares her story of her own struggles with bipolar disorder and anxiety, and encourages both those living with mental illness and their loved ones to keep up the good fight. She is a talented writer and she deserves to win "Best Kept Secret"!

Rebecca spends a lot of time on Twitter, and because of that all 3 of her accounts together have nearly 70,000 followers. She will do anything that she can for someone that reaches out to her that is struggling. She has so many life experiences to talk about. I've seen her help others first hand.

Because she deserves it!  — tia

Rebecca's book, "Not Your Journey," is a candid description of her struggles with mental illness and how she has learnt to manage her disorder. Her book, along with her considerable social media presence, provide inspiration and support to thousands of people around the world.  — Kevin

Rebecca is a tireless mental health advocate who maintains a popular blog, has written a book, hosts a podcast and otherwise speaks out and supports those suffering from mental illness. She manages her own illness and is not shy about sharing her own struggles in the process. She is a thoughtful tweeter providing value and content to help others  — Anne Moss

This woman has an absolutely breathtaking story. She has helped countless men and women suffering with multiple mental illnesses and disorders, and is the most empathatic writer I've ever encountered. She is absolutely fearless when it comes to sharing her story, and she has made mental illness easier to talk about, and less of something to hide.  — Jillian

Great writing about personal experience with bipolar disorder. Actively promoting her experience to help others.  — C

Rebecca is refreshingly honest about her own disorder, publishing a book on her bi-polar disorder so that others will benefit. She also does a radio broadcast and blogs for the Huffington Post. Rebecca is exposing her improvements and setbacks to inspire others.  — pierette

Voices for change is valuble for featuring people with lived experiences of managing their mental health. They let us know that we can keep going and enjoy life.  — Karletta

Rebecca is a truly wonderful Mental Health advocate. She is a published author and shares her struggles, with mental health, in an honest and open manner. She is a tireless advocate and an inspiring person  — Charlie

She's very active on Twitter and a positive voice for fighting stigma against mental health, especially bipolar disorder and bpd. She has ove 60,000 followers, wrote a memoir about her struggles, has a successful podcast, and is in general a wonderful person (I may be biased on that last one. I'm her husband)  — Joe

Rebecca Lombardo

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