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Founded in March 2014 the #GetYourBellyOut campaign raises awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease on a global scale. #GetYourBellyOut encourages people to take a photo of their belly & post it to social media. The idea is to showcase that whether you have an ostomy, scars or no visible signs at all we’re united in the fight against IBD. #GetYourBellyOut is keen to be the voice for many in the IBD community by highlighting the areas which matter most to them. We aim to expand our reach, boost confidence, educate and inspire. The campaign has blossomed with our 'bellies' having helped to raise £55,000 for Crohn’s and Colitis UK. For a better tomorrow we must lay strong foundations today.


Best Team Performance

I can think of no other campaign that has helped to bring people with IBD together more than GetYourBellyOut .The GYBO team has helped to inspire, raise awareness, and fundraise to find a cure to IBD. The team deserves to be awarded for their efforts and accomplishments.  — Eric


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