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I've seen Victoria Marie become such a strong voice for the IBD community over the last year, that I couldn't possibly think of another advocate as deserving as her. Her contributions to the #GetYourBellyOut campaign has brought about a shift in how people with IBD view themselves and their scars. She tirelessly works to help others in need.  — Eric

Victoria is an amazing advocate who - in the comparatively short time she's been online - has done a truly outstanding job of raising awareness about IBD. Blog, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and more, Victoria is a genuinely beautiful and caring soul that the global IBD community is lucky to have :-)  — Stephen

I can think of no other campaign that has helped to bring people with IBD together more than GetYourBellyOut .The GYBO team has helped to inspire, raise awareness, and fundraise to find a cure to IBD. The team deserves to be awarded for their efforts and accomplishments.  — Eric

GYBO does a fantastic job within the IBD community.  — Alannah-Jayne


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