Talya Feeling Ostomistic

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I am living with a rare terminal cancer and while I raise and discuss important topics such preparing for a colonoscopy, I write with humour and wit. I don't write with the intention of being funny but readers have commented that it makes them smile and relate.  — Talya

I started my blog when I first found out I needed an ostomy and found it hard to find relatable information for a young female. As my disease and chronic illness has progressed I now write about different aspects of illness and help raise awareness of important topics. I've had several people tell me that without my blog they mightn't have made it.  — Talya

Talya writes about what it's like to be a young woman living with terminal cancer. She writes honestly about the medical and emotional aspects of bowel cancer. She is brave and beautiful.  — Carly

Talya Feeling Ostomistic

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