Martin Baker

Patient Leader


Advocating for Another Best Kept Secret Best in Show: Blog Health Activist Hero

Marty is just such an amazimg person and carer for his friend Fran. He truly is amazing.

Martin goes out of his way to be kind and uplifting to everyone that he encounters. He continues to offer opportunities to others through his blog and social media.  — Rebecca

I've known Martin for just over two years now. He is a trusted colleague and great friend who goes above and beyond every single day. He gives his time to anyone who needs it, especially when they don't ask and simply lends an ear if nothing else. He touches people all over the world, sharing his knowledge and experiences, spreading #noStigma love

He has been active in and around the mental health community for years now and his contributions for both awareness and stopping the stigma that surrounds it have been exceptional. He is very well prepared and certified to care for those of us that are ill. He also is a very caring person in his own right. Martin is one of our best advocates ever!  — Christine

Martin cares for his best friend that lives 3000 miles away. He is her primary caregiver and is available twenty four hours a day seven days a week to care for her. Martin uses whatever means that is available to keep in contact with her. Martin is her lifeline and has and will keep being an inspiration not only to her, but others as well.

Martin Baker

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