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Ten years ago I was diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). A rare chronic pain disease with no known cure at this time it flipped my world upside down. CRPS also falls under the umbrella of auto immune diseases. Although this illness has forced me to go on permanent disability, my goal is to raise awareness and educate others so that we can find a cure. I am also diagnosed with OsteoArthritis which is often a secondary illness formed as a result of my CRPS. Through my advocacy I have been successful in getting government to proclaim Nov.2,2016 as CRPS Awareness Day in my province. My goals through my advocacy are to bring about change in patient care, research, and education.


Regina, 11


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Ross is truly one of the kindest people I know. He is a tireless advocate for CRPS and chronic pain conditions while providing emotional support for his loved-ones at home. Even his presence online shows a man with compassion and true empathy, and it shines through the chronic illness community like a beacon. Ross truly makes the world better.  — Gabrielle

Ross is a great person, advocate, supporter and friend! His support and positive attitude go a long way in helping so many people feel appreciated and cared for.  — Barby

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